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Linking Qiita Team and Slack helps you be the most productive

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When you paste the Qiita Team link to the Slack channel, the summary of the Qiita Team article will be displayed automatically. (Qiita too)

Understand the movement of the team

You can understand the activities of the team by listing recent Qiita Team articles in Slack.

Create an article from Slack

From the flow of Slack, you can create a new Qiita Team article and share it with your team right away.

Create a daily report easily

By making the day's conversation on the Slack channel a Qiita Team article, it helps keep the team up to date.

Cooperation with information sharing tool

By closely linking Qiita Team and Slack, team productivity will be greatly improved.



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Link applications with Qiita Team. Please login to the Qiita Team

Fill in Tag

Please fill in tag for create article via command
💡 The config support is Here


/qt_new [title]
Post from Slack to Qiita Team
Post a conversation log of the day's Slack channel
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Contact us : support@qiita.com