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Linking Qiita:Team and Slack helps you be the most productive

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When you paste the Qiita:Team link to the Slack channel, the summary of the Qiita:Team article will be displayed automatically. (Qiita too)

Understand the movement of the team

You can understand the activities of the team by listing recent Qiita:Team articles in Slack.

Create an article from Slack

From the flow of Slack, you can create a new Qiita:Team article and share it with your team right away.

Create a daily report easily

By making the day's conversation on the Slack channel a Qiita:Team article, it helps keep the team up to date.

Cooperation with information sharing tool

By closely linking Qiita:Team and Slack, team productivity will be greatly improved.



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/qt_new [title]
Post from Slack to Qiita:Team
Post a conversation log of the day's Slack channel
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